If you don’t know what Udemy is, let me have the pleasure of introducing you to your new best companion!

Udemy is an online learning platform where anyone can create and sell courses. You do not need to be an actual professor, so there is no exchanging of college credits. The instructors also set their own prices. This means that Udemy courses can and do vary greatly in quality.

Udemy Categories are as Follows:

  • Development
  • Business
  • IT & Software
  • Office Productivity
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Lifestyle
  • Photography
  • Health & Fitness
  • Music
  • Teaching & Academics
If I am going on a road trip where WIFI might be sketchy, I download courses to my Kindle ahead of time.
If I am going on a road trip where WIFI might be sketchy, I download courses to my Kindle ahead of time.

All courses have self-paced videos and can be replayed, paused, and sped up as needed. They also have lifetime access, so once you’ve bought it, you own it forever. You can access it from all devices, including their app for the phone.

Money is also a thing to be valued and all Udemy courses come with a money back guarantee that they stand behind. I know they honor this policy. My hubby bought a course, then discovered partly through it that course wasn’t really what he needed. Udemy gave him no hassle when he asked for his money back. That gave them huge brownie points in my book. The guarantee is for the first 30 days of purchase, but I still think that is more than fair!

How to Ensure the Course is Right for YOU

There are three main components to look at in determining if a course is worth your time (you only get twenty-four hours a day and I’ve become picky in my old age on how I want to spend my time).

man talking into a tin can

Course Content

The first item to look at is the preview. There is always an overview of the course and this is one thing that I rely heavily on. This gives you a feel for not only the format the instructor will use, but also a brief glimpse into whether or not the instructor’s voice is going to “get on your nerves”. Don’t judge…nothing more annoying than listening to someone speak and you cringe each time they take a breathe.

What You’ll Learn

The second factor to take into account should be the learning outcomes. Here, you will discover the knowledge and skills the instructor will cover. Once the course is completed, you should be able to duplicate these tasks with a fair amount of independent success. You may already know a few of these skills, sometimes you might need a refresher.


Thirdly, look to see if there are any additional programs or supplies that are required.

This information can be found under the “Buy Now” button. It tells you how many hours of instruction are given, the attachments, as well as resources available.

There are plenty of courses I wanted to take to, only to find out I have to invest in buying a costly program (like Photoshop).

The fourth thing to examine are the reviews. Consider purchasing from top rated instructors. This feedback can be crucial. Even though there is a money back guarantee, there is nothing worse than investing your precious time, only to realize it is not what you expected and brought you no value.

While there are several free courses, most typically range from $20-$200.

There is a “secret” to affording those expensive, much needed courses.


Wait for Udemy to have a sale. I have seen courses as low as $10.99. They run sales frequently and you can usually lay odds that it will be around a holiday. I have begun “favoriting” courses and will wait for them to go on sale.

What Do I Work On?

The courses I have invested in pertain mostly to running my “crafty” business. Right now, I’m taking a WordPress course for beginners. I already have sufficient knowledge of WordPress, but used this particular course as a refresher. I have also discovered some “hidden gems” to make my life easier when utilizing the WordPress platform. For skills I am already proficient in, I simply chose to “fast forward” through the lesson.

When I complete that course, I’ll roll into a “photo shop-type” course using the free program Gimp.

I also teach sixth grade writing and bought a course a few months ago on how to animate PowerPoint presentations to make them more intriguing. I’m hoping to “un”bore my students and convince them that writing will not be their demise. Truth is, it will be me that will be their demise if they don’t pay attention and take notes.

I also have two Spanish courses that are waiting to be utilized as soon as summer break hits. We have some Spanish speaking parents that know little English and I want to be more available to them by being able to communicate with them properly.

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