I recently shared my thoughts about writing your schedule down. I swear, it’s got so much more validity when it’s staring you smack in the face.


I’d like to share a glimpse into how I schedule my business (AwesomelyTraci) as well as family time/me time.

It took some trial and error (more than I can count on one hand) to get it down. I am still tweaking it and so will you as life evolves.

Typical Day

First, we’ll take a look at a typical day for me.

I am not much of a morning person, but out of sheer necessity, I have become one. This is to accommodate my “teaching life”.

My Monday – Thursday blocks look about the same. Here is a brief breakdown of it:

5:00 am – Have breakfast and coffee with Mr. Awesome.

6:00 am – Get ready for school.

6:45 am – Out the door and at school by 7:00 am (on the drive to work I listen to business podcasts).

When I get to work, I run copies, set up the classroom, grade and or lesson plan (whichever pile is biggest at that moment).


School begins at 8:05 am and I am herding cats in a box all day tied up teaching until 3:35 pm.

I frequently have an after school activity most days and can plan on being home by 5:30 pm.

Sitting down to eat as a family is still a priority I make time for

After eating, I begin working on the business, AwesomelyTraci.

My business schedule Monday – Thursday (Friday night is reserved for date night) is to work on blog posts and or marketing.

My goal is to have one post a week, so I’m actually writing this a week in advance.

I am in bed and trying to fall sleep anywhere from 9-10 pm.

Working on mosaics is not done during the week. My clumsiness tends to kick in and the more tired I get, the more I cut myself….Yikes!

I wish I looked half this cute all banged up!

Saturday and Sunday

are spent working on Mosaics and spending time with family. Usually these days aren’t blocked, but I should. I also maintain a “to-do” list of a few items that are non negotiable and must get done.

This plan works well for me. I am a creature of habit, so my schedule does not waiver much and I tend to get a bit cranky when it does.

Wish I looked half this cute upset!

This might seem like a pretty tight schedule, and it is. I took advice to heart from one of my favorite authors/speakers Gary Vaynerchuk. He said that if you want it, you work for it until you can’t open your eyes any longer (or something along those lines). And ladies and gentlemen…that’s what I plan on doing!

Side note: if you have not read Gary’s book(s), listened to his podcasts, or looked him up on social media, you are seriously missing out! This man is the real deal (even down to his cursing).

To make this particular schedule work, I do what is referred to as “block scheduling”. In a previous post I talked about my Business Boutique Planner. This planner is what I use to block my daily schedule. This type of schedule is amazing because your main focus is not on time so much as it is on creating several small tasks. Each week the prior week gets reviewed as well as the new week. Those two weeks are then prioritized by importance.

Let’s break this down to the fine details.

Step One: Write down your goals for the week

Reviewing the day before beginning my work.

For me, this isn’t just about my business. This is applied to all aspects of my life. I set three business goals, three personal goals, and three family goals. These are my main focuses for the week. For instance, my goals usually look something like this:


  • Finish a project to list on Etsy (I try to be specific here)
  • Write one blog post
  • Map out my social media for this week’s blog post


  • Eat clean
  • Get some form of exercise three days a week (I never have met this goal, can you relate?)
  • Get pedicure


  • Cook at least three meals this week (nope, doesn’t always happen either)
  • Do not bring home work related complaints (no negativity)
  • Help Mr. Awesome complete one of his tasks on his to-do list

Step Two: Plan Ahead

  • I block off my morning routine
  • Next, I block off my work schedule
  • Then, I block off any appointments I might have scheduled
  • Lastly, I chunk my business goals into evening slots one focus at a time

This schedule would be different for someone who does not have a full-time job. I would advise blocking your most difficult tasks first while you are most rested and alert. Save the easier tasks for later in the day.

Don’t forget to block breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well. I suggest you also clear off an hour every day for “unexpected” things that need your attention unexpectedly (you could also break it into 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening).

By the end of the week, I have accomplished most of these projects and what I have not taken care of, I simply move to the next week. Sometimes they are even dropped completely.

I know what you are thinking…

Disregard something completely leaving it unfinished.


Life changes…

and so should you!

Allow flexibility (and forgiveness) if you can not accomplish all that your week tossed you. As your business changes, so will priorities. As life changes, so will your focus.

All the yoga in the world wouldn’t make me this flexible!

It goes back to habit making.

Get into the routine of blocking your time and referring daily to it, multiple times a day. Allow yourself “wiggle” room for unexpected curveballs that life throws us.

Forgiveness is essential if tasks aren’t completed in the time frame allotted (or finished at all)!

By making these daily habits (weekly and monthly as well) the more productive you and your business will become.


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I’m really not that special!!