Awesome ends in ME

Teach Me Not: From a Teacher’s Point of View

I am currently a sixth grade writing and social studies teacher.

I am one of those teachers who has trouble saying “no” and find myself always in over my head, yet somehow, managing to beautifully pulling it off by the deadline.

Here is what my week holds most of the time:

Coaching Oral Reading UIL (my team always rock, btw)

(Help) tutor Math (it always amazes me how much I learn as well during this time)

Student Leadership Council

Saturday Academy every other Saturday

I also attend and help out with the events my school puts on for students and their families

Summer School (this is where I get to meet some of the upcoming students for next year)

I usually only have Fridays free after school and…

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

This page is dedicated to my teaching, my classroom experiences, and rants about this big part of my life.